4 Steps to Writing a Great eBook

We are all coming to terms with the hype on in-depth content and the importance it holds in driving your business’ web reputation. A useful way of achieving this is by way of the eBook.

The perceived complications and expense of publishing hard copy has practically made this traditional medium obsolete. Today it has never been easier to wax philosophical on industry topics of your choice which allows you to share your opinions with the world (wide-web that is…).

Step 1: Brainstorming. Think of this as your old-fashioned word cloud based on your areas of expertise. Make a list of all the topics you feel confident enough to write about – this will help narrow down the options and determine where your most in-depth knowledge exists.

Struggling to come up with that long list? Ask yourself, what do others often ask you for advice on? What do people turn to you for? What do you spend time researching? Now choose the one that makes you the most excited, as passion will be a driving force in the completion of this task!

Step 2: Research the gaps. Now that you have identified your topic, search far and wide to see how this expertise may already be in play.

eBooks are a numbers game- identify a market niche in which your topic would be filling a gap. That niche should relate very closely to the target market you focus on with your marketing collateral. Purchase and read some of the similarly-themed books to get an idea of what works and what does not.

Step 3: That’s right- write! Begin with a detailed outline; this is the best way to determine your flow and pace of the book, as well as nailing down the essential content.

Some writers find it beneficial to begin by creating a list of titles for both inspiration and direction. Others find that firstly creating the table of contents provides structure.

Step 4: Edit, design a cover and get published! As your eBook will represent your brand, we suggest you hire a professional editor and designer to ensure the highest standard.

Once it is ready to go leverage all that hard work! Promote it on your website ensuring that prospects provide some of their details in order to download it for free. You can then add those details to your marketing list. Include a link to the eBook in your newsletters or included within any proposals that you email to prospects.

A well-researched and nicely presented eBook can really highlight your credibility, improving your chances of converting more prospects into clients.