6 Sales Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Sales Tips


It’s official! Working in sales may be one of the toughest gigs around. The constant up and down roller coaster ride can be stressful and challenging, and puts a strain on resources and motivation.

Keep confidence up by remembering these 6 key points:

1. Confidence is a state of mind. Belief in your abilities is one of your strongest allies. Knowing that you have, and are perfectly capable of, getting the job done can work wonders for your confidence levels. Paired with a big old dose of positivity, belief and determination can do a lot of the work for you.

2. Define yourself as an expert in your field. It’s important to have faith in what you are selling. Equally important is that your clients feel this faith you have in yourself. Sales can be an intimate process, and the more your clients trust your abilities and knowledge, the more likely they are to take the purchase plunge.

3. Create an arsenal of testimonials and referrals to be called upon at any time. The more you can prove your track record of success, the more likely the prospect will feel inclined toward the sale. Keep track of your successes and remind yourself of them when feeling doubtful. A pat on the back always boosts confidence!

4. Set weekly goals and strive to accomplish them quickly. The faster you rack up accomplishments, the more confidence you will feel. One step at a time? Absolutely. Make daily lists and keep track of your progress. Ticking things off “to do” lists has a way of fueling drive and motivation, while also boosting confidence.

5. Keep your eye on long-term goals and see all challenges as opportunities. Think back to a stressful point in the past. Look how far you may have come since then! The power of positive reflection is often understated.

6. Constantly improve and work on your communication skills. Learning to listen and improve interactions with others will boost your confidence when going into new and unique situations.