6 Tips for Managing People Who Are Smarter Than You

Tips for Managing People Smarter Than Y

Let’s start by defining what real time marketing is. Simply put, real-time marketing is based on current, ‘on-the-fly’ decision making, as opposed to traditional marketing strategies that are planned out long term and mostly in advance.

This strategy is based on current, up to minute assessments of events, trends and feedback. It requires branded responses that are both relevant and curated to your niche market.

Sound tricky? Admittedly non-conventional, real-time marketing has really hit its stride in the last few years, with the big companies all adopting the idea, to be executed alongside the more traditional methods.

This type of marketing tends to be event related or timing specific. Digital marketing experts suggest that small businesses looking to jump on the RTM bandwagon carefully curate the event first, before tackling the marketing.

Still confused about RTM? The best example to offer lands us square in the Twitter universe: the hashtag (#). Known to everyone pre-Millennial as a grammatical symbol or something on our dial up landline phones, the hashtag has a hugely different reputation these days.

Using a hashtag creates a ‘trend’ that can be updated in real-time, passed on, and swiftly travel with little to no effort through the Internet universe.

RTM can be extremely difficult for small business to keep up with. Here we have created three tips to RTM success:

  1. Know your audience. Know your plan, establish goals. Determine demographics, online trends and behaviors of your best customers. Repeat this process for each product or service you provide, you will see the different approaches more clearly.
  2. Plan your creative attack. Once you have defined the audience, you have to establish what kind of event-specific strategy, or RTM strategy would most likely get them to convert to buyer, rather than browser. Saw that they clicked through via Facebook? Facebook message them a link to a coupon!
  3. Determine which channels will be most effective, execute across multiple. Assessing past trends is a good way to determine what works best for who. A multi-channel strategy that is funneled into the right category can allow you to prepare the best real-time actions. Consider display advertising, social media, email blasts, notifications.

At this point in time it is our best advice to look to the experts- ask us how we can help with your real time marketing platform!