Meeting with your accountant: on your list of favorite things to do on a regular basis, meeting with your accountant probably falls somewhere near the bottom, if it makes the list at all. Not a surprising fact, since preparing for those meetings usually saps virtually all of your time. Time you could and should be spending on other, more pressing things.

This is why your first meeting with Thaney & Associates will seem so unusual. Sure, when we roll up our sleeves to really get into all aspects of your financial situation, we’ll need the same facts, figures and documents any accountant would. But before we do that, we’ll sit down with you to talk about pretty much everything but finances. We delve into every aspect of your business to gain a thorough understanding of your products or services, your research and development process, your manufacturing processes, as well as your distribution channels, marketing strategies and tactics. We’ll research your key competition and ways technological advancements and growth of the global economy are affecting your business. We’ll analyze ways today’s spiraling benefit and materials costs are affecting your ability to compete. We’ll look first at virtually anything and everything but the hard, cold world of numbers. Because only armed with this information can we begin to put perspective to the numbers you’ll eventually give us.

For over 50 years we’ve been offering clients this unique brand of insight, driven by our compelling desire to get to know each and every client and their business in detail. We do this so that we can more proactively work to provide the right solutions to the challenges that you face every day in the current business environment.

On a fundamental level, we believe that our value to our clients goes far beyond a list of services. It is our personal approach, friendly professionalism and our caring style that differentiates our staff as true partners in driving your continued success.

With ever changing tax laws, a challenging economic environment and a wide variety of new insurance programs, managing your financial future is increasingly more complex. Those who reach financial security don’t get there by accident; they do it with a comprehensive financial plan – the kind of plan we’ll give you. We will work to minimize your tax burden, preserve more of your income and, most importantly, direct your energies and resources toward reaching your financial goals.

Plan on not working forever.

So much time is spent fulfilling career goals and earning a living, we rarely devote enough time to preparing for the future. With a definite strategy. But not planning is actually a plan itself. A plan to pay more income taxes than necessary. More estate taxes. And possibly give up your financial dreams. That’s why the time to prepare is NOW! Planning NOW increases your chance of achieving financial independence. Planning NOW will give you peace of mind because you have defined your goals and know that you can reach them.

5 Steps to a better financial future.

  1. Gather information and prepare personal financial statements.
  2. Identify your financial objectives.
  3. Analyze your present position and consider alternatives.
  4. Develop and implement your financial plan.
  5. Review and revise the plan periodically.

The best plan starts with us.

There is one step you need to take before you make any move to plan your personal and business financial success. You first need to choose the right financial planner. A planner with the insight and knowledge to help you define the best plan possible. We can help. We’ll leverage our experience to help you find the right financial planning advisor to best serve your needs and lead you to a brighter future.