Auto Focus Fall 2014

Here’s a brief glance at what you’ll find in the Fall issue…

Pumping up profitability

Dealerships can sell truckloads of vehicles and still run into problems if owners lose sight of the bottom line — the overall profitability of the sales they’re making. This article discusses a number of ways to boost profitability, including moves related to managing inventory, choosing dealer management software, and joining an automotive dealership “20 Group.” A sidebar explains how dealers who are planning new facilities or improving existing ones can benefit from a cost segregation study.


Which retirement plan is right for your dealership?

Recent studies have indicated that many Americans aren’t saving nearly enough for retirement. Dealership owners can help their employees save for retirement by offering a retirement plan. Doing so also can yield tax benefits, serve as a valuable employee recruiting tool and help boost employee retention. This article discusses three of the most popular types of retirement plans: 401(k) plans, SEP plans and SIMPLE IRAs.

Selling your dealership

Earnout provisions may give buyers assurance

Businesses in some parts of the country remain difficult to sell in the current economy, even in an up market for auto dealerships. But, when negotiating a purchase agreement, adding an earnout provision — which commits the buyer to make additional payments to the seller if the business achieves agreed-upon financial targets after the sale — can smooth out a rough road and give the buyer extra incentive to “take the plunge.” This article explains the potential benefits, along with risks to look out for.

Try these four 21st century marketing tactics

In today’s always-on, wired world, having a digital marketing strategy has become practically essential. This strategy should focus on attracting new customers by showcasing inventory to buyers who are shopping online, as well as building long-term relationships with existing customers so as to remain top-of-mind when they search for their next vehicles. This article discusses four marketing tactics to consider, involving search engine optimization, e-newsletters, mobile apps and social media.

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