Time Is Money – How To Avoid Working For Free

It might be part of your marketing strategy to offer free services, discounts and other ploys that are aimed at building a client base. These strategies are often time-consuming and with little tangible profit.

Reward And Retain

We often consider the end goal of our working lives to be about making money. After all, money is necessary to improve our quality of life and take care of families and ourselves. But studies repeatedly demonstrate that monetary gain is only a small part of what it means to have a quality work life.

Keeping Your Computer At Peak Performance

The copier is down, the printer is jammed, your computer has frozen – these kinds of daily hiccups can put a weighty strain on productivity. Eliminate some of these unexpected delays by maintaining the health and functionality of your computer without the constant supervision of IT people.

Policies And Procedures Manual Review

In many small firms the Policies and Procedures (PP) manual functions as the strategic link between the business’ vision and its day-to-day activities. This document will construct and define roles and responsibilities while allowing operations to proceed at their smoothest.

Leading By Example – How To Be A Better Leader

Everywhere we look; it appears that the most conventional ideas of a leader are shifting. In small businesses we are now seeing a very different model of leadership flourish.

Effective Delegation

Delegating (giving someone authority to act and react to situations without referring back to you) is an important management tool. But many small business owners prefer to take on almost everything and find it difficult to divvy up tasks to staff members for fear of losing control.

The Power Of Word Of Mouth

In any client-based business, reputation is everything. The power of simple word of mouth can make or break your firm. Positive reviews not only improve customer retention but they can be also used in your marketing efforts to generate referrals and more business.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

Committing to an effective website is a vital marketing strategy, however once the site has launched the battle has only just begun.