New Business: Take Another Look At Your Business Form

Should your business be a proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or some other entity? Each form has advantages and disadvantages. Business situations change, and so do tax laws.

Tax Tip Tuesday! Save Taxes By Putting Family In The Family Business

As the summertime school vacation season approaches, young family members may be looking for a job — and having a hard time finding one. Hire them in your family business, and you get a double benefit: helping the kids gain valuable experience and garnering tax breaks for your company.

Best Options For Inter Office Communication

Inter office communication (in this case we refer to communications within the office and its team members) can be viewed as the grease that keeps the machine running smoothly. Without it, everything can come to a grinding halt.

Tax Tip Tuesday! WOTC: This Acronym Could Save You Taxes

WOTC. Those four letters may look like Internet shorthand, but they’re actually an acronym for a federal income tax break. The work opportunity tax credit can reduce your business income tax when you hire workers from specified groups that typically experience high unemployment, such as veterans. You may have heard that the WOTC tax benefits for other categories of workers …

Tools For Monitoring Your Business Performance

Key Performance Indicators have long been regarded as vital for business success. But with so many to choose from, which ones are best for your business? Key Performance Indicators (or KPI’s) are specific measurements of various parts of your business activity. They are used to check performance against targets or as benchmarks or to monitor trends. On their own they yield limited information, but as a comparison they can instantly identify areas in need of improvement allowing management to focus ON the parts of their business that will contribute most to success.

Tips For Recruitment

As one expert puts it, “Gone are the days of simply putting out a ‘Hiring’ sign”. Competition for the right person and the right skill sets can prove a difficult task with disappointing results.

Tax Tip Tuesday! New Law Extends Payroll Tax Cut

The temporary reduction in the FICA tax rate that began in January 2011 as a replacement for the “Making Work Pay Credit” has been extended through December 2012. The 2% rate cut applies to wages, salaries and self-employment income of up to $110,100.

An Entrepreneur’s Reading List – Book Suggestions To Help You Get To The Top

In a fast changing and challenging business world never underestimate the value of a continuing education. Often our success is based on setting goals, implementing the necessary strategies, achieving those goals and then setting some more.

Make Your Company A Good Place To Work

Studies have consistently shown that employee compensation, although important, is not the primary factor that makes workers stay at a company. It’s not all about the money. In fact, some firms that provide stellar compensation packages suffer high turnover, low morale, and dwindling market share.

New Year Email Resolutions

Someone once said “An Inbox is as personal a space as an underwear drawer — we all have one and are all embarrassed by both its organization and contents.” Start 2012 off by applying some simple and effective methods to maintaining an organized and less overwhelming (or embarrassing!) Inbox.