Developing Low-Cost, High-Impact Marketing Materials

Small businesses and start-ups are often faced with budgetary restrictions that can mean a constant tightening of the belt.
Most businesses cut back on marketing in times of economic stress. But the successful operators know that smart marketing is the key to bouncing back.

How To Boost Positive Customer Feedback

There are many ways to encourage client feedback. Surprisingly, both positive and negative reviews can be beneficial to your firm. A recent study conducted by Econsultancy, found that 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores.

Extending Your Reach: eMarketing

eMarketing should form an integral part of almost any companys’ marketing strategy. It’s very useful for start-up or small businesses because it can be relatively inexpensive.

Using Offers To Win Business

One of the most important factors to consider when trying to appeal to the consumer is the “What’s In It – For Me?” (WIIFM) element. It is the main driving force behind almost any buying decision so a similar thought process occurs when consumers read or hear an advertisement.

Basic Market Research Can Be A Valuable Business Tool

Whether you’re developing a business from scratch or expanding your existing product line, it’s vital to understand your market — your target customers, your competition, and the environment in which your company operates.

Features And Benefits: Highlighting Your Products

Business owners who develop or market a new product often have a justifiable pride in what they are selling. When selling a new piece of technology they can probably go into great detail about all the features of that technology.

Customer Centricity In Small Business

The current hot topic of debate in the world of small business is: does being customer centric play a role in success? Can great customer service alone do the job? Can being customer centric be detrimental?

Reducing Marketing Costs While Gaining Exposure

For many business owners it can be a difficult exercise to identify the most effective marketing strategies that gains exposure while minimizing the required investment.

Managing Your Sales Leads

The measure of the successful pursuit of a lead is based on whether the lead, in time, turns into a sale. The key to this transition lies in both speed and perseverance. A systematic organization and management of these leads can also help secure their progress through the stages of prospect to hot lead to profitable sale.

Rewarding Long Term Clients

Client loyalty is not to be overlooked – at any time of year – but during the holiday season it is opportune to show a little extra appreciation for those who keep your business alive.