Getting the Most Out of Google For Your Business

Get the Most out of Google


Tough love time- if you own a small business and are NOT easily found in a Google Search, you have a problem on your hands!

While it’s easy to want to rely solely on the storefront to attract clientele, the reality is that trends have pushed consumers into new forms of discovery, the most popular being the good old Google search.

The good news is that Google itself really gears itself up to support small businesses and their quest for customers.

In the past, managing Google profiles for business involved cross-management of several different profiles, including Insights, Analytics, AdWords, etc. It was a time-consuming, take-heavy endeavor, one that typically had small business owners overwhelmed, and essentially tapping out early.

Now with Google My Business, the platform has been streamlined, combining your profiles into one.

Another often overlooked Google application is Google+, the search engines version of social media.

Using Google’s own words to describe it, Google+ is “half blog, half platform, all engagement”. Take a few minutes to consider the use of Google+ and how it could relate to your business by reading up on Google’s site.

Whether using Google+ or Google My Business, Places, Maps, etc. always encourage reviews when and where applicable and always respond. The power of Google is its interactivity with a reach that is unmatched, take advantage of the deep well whenever you can.

Once claimed, maintain your Google My Business Page (which includes Places, Maps, etc now in one profile). Information at the fingertips of a consumer is only useful if it’s correct, up to date and will drive them toward a potential sale.

Whether or not you employ AdWords, Google now offers Call-Only Campaigns, removing the landing page middle-man and providing a direct call to action by presenting the phone number first. According to Google, ‘’70% of mobile searches calling a business directly from search results”.

Best part about most Google apps is that they are free- this means that you can experiment freely with what works and what doesn’t, mixing and matching the best way for your business to make the most out of Google.

BLURB: The power of “Yes” and “No”

If you are the boss, learn to egregiously use the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ whenever possible. The clarity and decisiveness defined by a simple yes or no will exude an air of confidence in your decision making and will put your employees at east- everyone trusts a leader who can swiftly and confidently make a decision. Avoid the dreaded “um” at all costs!