How to tell your boss they are wrong

Boss is wrong


GASP. What? How could this situation ever become reality, the boss is always right…right?

Ah, while they may work hard to portray omnipotence, even the best of the bosses can be wrong. So how do you approach them with this delicate news?

First and foremost, get your ducks in a row, so to speak. You need irrevocable proof that the information being conveyed is not correct. Talk to your peers, gather opinions and double, triple check your information.

The worst-case scenario is going up against the head honcho only to be unprepared and incorrect!

Next, ask yourself, is this worth it? Just like in any relationship, sometimes you need to let the small stuff slide off your back, so that the bigger issues carry more weight. It’s a scare situation, confronting your boss, make sure it’s crucial to correct the misinformation.

Now you are ready to schedule a private meeting with your superior. NEVER call them out in front of the team- embarrassment will overshadow the value of your opinion and can feel like an affront or act of insubordination.

Kick things off on a positive note and make sure you are creating the casual yet professional atmosphere that you would hope to encounter in a meeting. You called the meeting, establish the mood and work hard to distress the situation.

This meeting should be project and company focused and should aim to create the best-case scenario for the business. Remember this and try to steer toward suggestions, rather than criticisms.

Enter into the meeting armed with a solution. Merely bringing up the mistake leaves an air of frustration and can be stressful to a boss who likely has their hands full already.

Your solution should be detailed, thorough and bolstered by all the proof you gathered, prior to your meeting. Offer to be part of the solution however you can, even if it takes you slightly out of your job description. Remember to remain team-oriented.

Lastly, be ready to accept that your boss will not change their mind. Be respectful, don’t be discouraged and keep personal deflation to a minimum. If anything, your boss will recognize you as a leader who speaks their mind, has creative solutions and is dedicated to the organization.