Lessons businesses can learn from the Women’s March

Women's Rights


On January 21st, 2017, people across the globe marched in unison, to advocate for legislation on human rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, LGBTQ rights, racial and gender equality, work place rights and more.  It was a bold and transformative display of solidarity.

Interestingly enough, one of the things small businesses share in common with such a movement is a call to action.  The call is an appeal to the human psyche, to try and influence a choice or behavior.

What the Women’s March did so effectively was responded to the two appeals people have when it comes to call to action:

  1. How motivated am I to do this? Do I WANT to do this?
  2. How easy is it for me to do? CAN I do this?

When you are appealing to potential clientele, they would be considering these same questions, or variant versions of them. Your message must be catered to create the WANT and your sales process must be created to facilitate the ABILITY.

Another lesson we can learn is one of branding. While the message of the movement was political, at best, it was also about human rights, and balancing the two directives can be challenging when it comes to large scale protests.

What they did so seamlessly was provide such a safe, free space, with educational and inspirational content, and encouragement that the movement was really in place to speak out against any inequality or any legislation that felt wrong.

It did not limit the participants; it allowed them to create their own niche within the movement. With sales and customer service, we are presented with this same conundrum.

Our goals are financially driven, we want to cast a wide net, pull in the biggest crop. But we must focus in on the message and how we will communicate it. It’s about branding.

The best example is the Women’s March use of the hashtag (#) as a communicator across web platforms. One of the most uniting elements of human life, the internet, provided the most comprehensive and seamless platform, that caters to millions of markets and niches.

Cultivating a clear, transformative, interpretative message (or hashtag) puts forth a call to action that is both all-inclusive, and allows for segmented niche marketing, on the customers’ terms.