Secrets to Keep Your Business Looking Good

Just as business health should never be neglected, it is equally important to present a tight, clean and stream-lined look to your customers.

We tend to be attracted to order and cleanliness, and will usually choose the business that seems to have it together on the outside, regardless of their internal situation. Presenting a well-cultivated persona, both online and in real life, is vital to a success small business.

There should be a common theme throughout your marketing materials; your website, business cards and other marketing materials should reflect the same feel. Seamlessly tie your company’s message into each channel and ensure that your clients can easily identify with your brand.

This can be down to the smallest details such as choosing a universal font and color to be used in all materials or on a higher level such as defining your company’s key marketing message.

Regularly update your website. Your website should be on a continual growth plan- it should never remain stagnant. It should constantly be in motion with regular updates.

A great website incorporates visually appealing graphics, content-driven text, user-friendly accessibility, and overall simplicity to promote your brand. Your website is a direct reflection of how you want your business to be perceived.

Take a look at the feel of your marketing materials and evaluate the attractiveness. A clean and elegant aesthetic exudes confidence and professionalism and can generate a feeling of comfort in potential clients.

Be consistent throughout. In presenting a front to your clients you want to both engage and be memorable.

Much as we may smell cologne and remember a person, the purpose of your branding is to evoke a positive sensory memory connected to your product or service.


Small businesses may never have the budgets that compete with the big guys but that does not mean there isn’t a wealth of resources readily available. Entrepreneurs are like-minded and tend to be generous with their advice – not sure how to handle a new challenge? Reach out to other business owners or join an industry group to bounce ideas off of each other.