Selling on Social Media

The marriage between sales and social media is a pretty seamless one, though much like actual marriage, without active listening and the willingness to compromise, the marriage can fall far from happy.

It seems intuitive- social media is a direct reach into your market, so why wouldn’t you utilize its capabilities to make sales? This is harder then it seems, though with a few guidelines, can prove quite fruitful for small businesses.

A new catch phrase popping up is “social listening”- engaging with social media outlets to really understand sand listen to your customers and their needs and wants. With this tool directly into their psyche, you can cater and personalize at every step of the sales process.

With Facebook understanding its value and advertising costs shooting up, its no longer the obvious and best option for all small businesses. Start by researching what other outlets your clients are using- Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube,  and LinkedIn and Twitter are great places to start.

Adopt a streamlined strategy, quality over quantity. If your desired customer is not spending time on these sites, then you are wasting time and resources. Basically, don’t sign up for everything- pick and choose and cultivate.

Be aware that lead scraping is not what we mean by social selling. Social selling implies conversion of lead to client, and to do so you have to actively engage, become involved in conversations.

Live chats, comment sections and blogs are great ways to initiate conversation.

When cultivating your social media outlets, utilize the 70-20-10 rule- 70% of your page is engaging, relevant content provided by you, 20% is made up of commentary and content generated by others and 10% should be promotional.

Embrace the instantaneous results that social media selling can provide. Time-sensitive offers, click-through deals and “comment/like” and win type promotions have the most effective nature in this here-and-now day and age.