Office Outsourcing

Thaney & Associates are more than just your accounting guys. We go out of our way to make sure our clients get the best service they possibly can. How do we do that? We stand out from the rest by offering office outsourcing. So if you need help with something, some of our programs we offer allows us to come to you! No matter if you are in New York or Florida. What other CPAs do that?

Organization in today’s business world is a must. Let us teach you how to be the most efficient starting with organization. Whether it be payroll, to bookkeeping, or even keeping up with the latest technology, our knowledgeable team is here to help you and your business.

There can be a lot to know when it comes to Office Outsourcing, especially if you never have dealt with it before. Don’t let it be a problem or concern anymore. At Thaney & Associates, we are trained in a variety of areas to make you and/or your business thrive financially and well as a whole. You probably had no idea that your accounting guys offered all of this too!  Read and get to know some of our Office Outsourcing programs, as they can be something you need, eyt never thought of to benefit you/your company overall.

Our current Office Outsourcing includes:

CFO for the Day

Merchant Services


Quickbooks Hosting

Virtual Bookkeeping