Tax and Accounting

As CPA’s, we understand how stressful your taxes and accounting can get. Whether they are your personal ones or for your business, there is no need to get overwhelmed by it all every year, so let us take care of it all. We know planning is the key to creating the most desirable tax situation possible. Through our collaborative, yet protective approach, we guarantee substantial tax saving for you.

We work with each client carefully to determine and define their goals. Through this monitoring progress, we go above and beyond the traditional compliance services. We understand how important each client is through the relationships we build with them. Through this, we can better understand their wants while exceeding their needs, making their service the all around best. Think of us more as a mentor/advisor than anything else.

Take a look at our tax and accounting services that we have to offer:

Accounting & Auditing Services

Forensic Accounting & Internal Controls

Tax Services and Planning

While some may be typical among any accountant, others are unique just to us at Thaney & Associates. Since 1980, we have provided top notch service to an extremely diverse base of clients with the widest possible range of financial services. From our New York offices down to Florida, our forward thinking process can provide you with the more thorough tax and accounting service.