Healthy Wealth

“…Society has drummed into our heads that wanting wealth is a bad thing, one that will drive you to behave in ways that are unethical, corrupt and morally bankrupt.” The appeal of being a small business owner is usually twofold: being your own boss, and making lots of money…no? Okay, there may be other factors here and there, but when …

Reward And Retain

We often consider the end goal of our working lives to be about making money. After all, money is necessary to improve our quality of life and take care of families and ourselves. But studies repeatedly demonstrate that monetary gain is only a small part of what it means to have a quality work life.

Turning Problems Into Opportunities

“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein
These words have huge relevance when it comes to small business development. Businesses face many challenges – the trick is how you choose to turn each challenge into an opportunity.

Work Habits That Will Help You Succeed

Developing a successful business has as much to do with the way we approach things as anything else. So it’s always useful to heed the work habits of successful business owners. Here are some of the good work habits that they have shared with us.