4 Common Communication Failures (And How to Fix Them)

  Starting your business may be a one-man show, but eventually, it will be time for the on boarding of new partners, colleagues, and team members. With each new individual comes a new collaboration, and with that, perhaps new challenges in communication. Every person has their own unique method of communication. One of the most essential qualities every good business …

7 Signs You Are a Bad Communicator

What exactly is communication? How should it be defined? Simply put, it is the “successful sharing of ideas or feelings.” The key word here is: SUCCESSFUL. Many entrepreneurs assume they are effective communicators; but being a strong, decisive and authoritative leader, while important, has nothing to do with effective communication. In fact, people with these characteristics are often the worst …

Leadership Styles – How to Make the Most of Them

Being an effective operations manager does not always translate into being a great leader, a common misconception in small business management. Leadership is about creating and communicating a vision, inspiring others, teaching others and promoting a positive business model. Operational details are one thing; human nature is a whole different ball game. A great boss inherently represents both sides of …

Building A Great Team Culture

It seems that the challenge of building a team has been with us forever. People are the essential ingredient in all businesses however many business owners struggle to harness and develop the huge opportunity that a motivated and committed team of people can bring to a business.

Best Options For Inter Office Communication

Inter office communication (in this case we refer to communications within the office and its team members) can be viewed as the grease that keeps the machine running smoothly. Without it, everything can come to a grinding halt.

Roaming Without Ruination- Skype

Running a successful business means learning how to do things better, faster and cheaper than the competition. Today, that sort of dedication requires consistency, whenever and wherever you are.

The Best Way To Close A Sale

Closing a sale is the most critical part of the sales process for a small business. The more efficient and confident you become in your techniques, the more revenue you and your team can generate.

Is A Business Plan Still Necessary?

There is a heated debate regarding the merits of writing a detailed business plan. The gist of the debate is whether or not there is a benefit (financial and overall) to writing a detailed business plan, or whether this has become a dated concept and a fledgling business can thrive without one.

Do Disaster Recovery Planning For Your Business

Businesses throughout the world — some, perhaps, in your town — are even now struggling to recover from natural and man-made disasters. Some will pull through and thrive; others will close their doors forever.