Debt Problems Still Plague Workers

A recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) indicated that 55% of workers have debt problems and aren’t able to set aside much for retirement.

Nine Tips For Better Tax Recordkeeping

Did pulling your records together to complete your 2011 tax return reveal shortcomings in your system? Here are nine tips that can improve your recordkeeping and help minimize your taxes.

What’s New: Student Loan Debt To Reach $1 Trillion This Year

Last year, the total amount of student loans taken out exceeded $100 billion. The estimate for 2012 is that student loan debt will exceed $1 trillion. Even after adjusting for inflation, students today are borrowing twice what they did ten years ago.

Financial Resolutions To Make For 2012

Shedding unwanted pounds, recharging a golf score that’s stuck in neutral, nurturing a better relationship with your teenager — these resolutions and many more will appear on lists this coming January. Of course, some good intentions will fade before the flowers arrive on Valentine’s Day.

How To Get Hold Of Cash Quickly

“Liquidity” was a term little known to the non-financial world until two years ago when the Global Financial Crisis sucked the liquidity out of the world’s money markets.

What The Financial Overhaul Law Means For You

So what’s all the fuss over the new Wall Street Reform Act? The headline-grabbing law raised quite a furor on Wall Street, but what does it mean for you and me? Here is how the law will affect ordinary folk.

How To Improve Your Credit Score

The days of easy credit, offered to anyone who can breathe, are history. In this sluggish economy, lenders want to know whether borrowers are likely to stay current on their loans, mortgages, and credit card accounts.