Is Thank you, Thanks Enough – Customer Rewards

  In many ways, yes, a simple and genuine thank you can do the trick. But in what is being referred to as “The Thank You Economy”, experts are claiming that the power of a significant (and consistent) thank you can make or break a business. In this case, it is authenticity that really makes the difference. It is easy …

The Best Way To Close A Sale

Closing a sale is the most critical part of the sales process for a small business. The more efficient and confident you become in your techniques, the more revenue you and your team can generate.

Webinar: Top 5 Reasons Customers Choose Y-O-U!

Date: 2011-07-20 Time: 01:00PM EDT – 02:00PM EDT Location: Webinar The customer’s perception is reality, and their satisfaction is vital to the success of your business. This webinar will focus on the 5-phase experience as to why a customer elects to do business with you or your competitor.

How To Retain Good Customers

When times get tough, the cost of sales goes up. Potential customers are less likely to want to talk to a salesperson because they are in a fiscally conservative mindset. In recent months you may have heard the phrase “retention is the new acquisition”.

The Solution To Healthier Sales

Good times always feel like they will last forever. However, there will come a time when customers are harder to find.

Using Customer Surveys To Generate Leads

Customer surveys can be an extremely valuable way of collecting all kinds of useful data. What businesses often don’t consider is that customer surveys can also serve other objectives, such as to inform customers, to advertise a new product, or for lead generation.