5 Things That Keep Business Owners Up At Night

    Sleepless nights are no stranger to the small business owner. There are some common issues that keep business owners up at night and we hope to provide some simple solutions to help put those issues to bed, so you can rest easy! 1. Overwhelming Workload Lying down to rest can often be tough, especially when your brain is …

Tax Tip Tuesday! Debt Or Equity? What’s The Tax Difference?

Here’s a capital idea: Make sure your C corporation is properly capitalized. In addition to legal issues, the amount you have invested in your company can play a role in determining how future loans are treated for tax purposes.

What’s New: Student Loan Debt To Reach $1 Trillion This Year

Last year, the total amount of student loans taken out exceeded $100 billion. The estimate for 2012 is that student loan debt will exceed $1 trillion. Even after adjusting for inflation, students today are borrowing twice what they did ten years ago.

What’s New: Debt And Needy Children Cloud Financial Picture For Retirees

Recent research reveals that Americans are finding it hard to retire in financial comfort, thanks to too much debt and adult children needing financial assistance.

Two Financing Options for your Business: Equity and Debt

Start-up businesses and long-established firms share common ground in at least one respect: the need for financing. Managers of fledgling companies often debate the best way to obtain funds for buying inventory, heavy equipment, and buildings for making widgets.