Recognizing an Opportunity

The saying “timing is everything” could not be more apt than when it comes to small business management. Timing and opportunity are often what segregate successful businesses from those that flounder. A true entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in this belief. “Stay active in the industry and up-to-date with the technology.” Opportunity does not come dressed in a pretty package with …

2010 Tax Credit For Your Small Business

When small business owners think about the recent health care reform, they may be thinking only of its long-term implications. But the legislation actually provides an immediate tax break for qualified small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Seven Ways To Cut Your 2010 Taxes

1. Tax rates are likely to go higher in 2011, so you might benefit from shifting income into 2010 and delaying deductions until 2011.

Unclaimed Property Can Be A Business Issue

Turning over abandoned property, such as unclaimed security deposits and outstanding accounts receivable credits, to state officials. Your business may be both a holder of unclaimed property and a claimant.