Are Employee Recognition Programs Bad for Your Business?

  So, this may sound like a contradiction, as we have in the past touted the importance of these types of programs, and we are not taking that advice back. But it is important to examine both sides of the story, and to be aware of the dangerous pitfalls that come with initiating employee rewards. In a nutshell, the concern …

Workplace Bullies and How to Deal With Them

Times are a-changing. And rather than being a mere hindrance to running a successful business, unaddressed workplace bullying can be a real detriment to the entire team, pulling down morale and generally leaching negativity into the mix, not to mention the possibility of being a cause of litigation. “Workplace bullying refers to any repeated, intentional behavior directed at an employee …

Tax Tip Tuesday! New Law Extends Payroll Tax Cut

The temporary reduction in the FICA tax rate that began in January 2011 as a replacement for the “Making Work Pay Credit” has been extended through December 2012. The 2% rate cut applies to wages, salaries and self-employment income of up to $110,100.

2012 W-4s are due to Employers

Title: 2012 W-4s are due to Employers Description: Last day for employees to file Form W-4 to continue exemption from withholding in current year. Employers should begin withholding on wages of any employee who claimed an exemption from withholding in prior year but failed to submit a current year exempt Date: 2012-02-15

Tax Tip Tuesday! Is Your Business Eligible For The Health Insurance Premium Credit?

Remember the postcard you got from the IRS last year introducing the health insurance premium credit for small businesses? To paraphrase the old song, there’s no letter in the mail for you this year.

W-2s Due to Employees

Title: W-2s Due to Employees Description: Employers must furnish employees with statement of compensation and amounts withheld during prior year (Form W-2). Statements of amounts withheld on certain gambling winnings must be furnished by payer to recipients (Form W-2G) Date: 2012-01-31

Think Carefully Before Hiring Family Members

Some family members have the skill and can-do attitude to propel a firm toward greater success; others have the power to drag it toward bankruptcy. Before hiring a son-in-law who’s clamoring for an executive position or a sister who recently graduated from college, beware of these pitfalls.

Tax Tip Tuesday! You Might Qualify For The New Hire Retention Credit

Did you hire employees who qualified for last year’s exemption from a portion of social security taxes? Are those employees still working for you?

Hiring Temporary Staff Can Be A Smart Business Move

With uncertainty still a major business concern, many companies are tiptoeing back into the employment market by hiring temporary workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of temporary employees — including independent contractors, on-call candidates, freelancers, and other temporary or part-time workers — exceeds two million people in the United States.