Leadership Styles – How to Make the Most of Them

Being an effective operations manager does not always translate into being a great leader, a common misconception in small business management. Leadership is about creating and communicating a vision, inspiring others, teaching others and promoting a positive business model. Operational details are one thing; human nature is a whole different ball game. A great boss inherently represents both sides of …

Tax Tip Tuesday! Save Taxes By Putting Family In The Family Business

As the summertime school vacation season approaches, young family members may be looking for a job — and having a hard time finding one. Hire them in your family business, and you get a double benefit: helping the kids gain valuable experience and garnering tax breaks for your company.

Hiring Temporary Staff Can Be A Smart Business Move

With uncertainty still a major business concern, many companies are tiptoeing back into the employment market by hiring temporary workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of temporary employees — including independent contractors, on-call candidates, freelancers, and other temporary or part-time workers — exceeds two million people in the United States.