Professionalizing the Family Business

  Statistics show that approximately 35% of Fortune 500 companies are family-controlled. At some point, these were all small start-up enterprises who kept it in the family while getting things off the ground. But at some point those mom-and-pop ventures must take on a more professional face, presenting themselves as competition for the big guys. This can be a tough …

Tax Tip Tuesday! Save Taxes By Putting Family In The Family Business

As the summertime school vacation season approaches, young family members may be looking for a job — and having a hard time finding one. Hire them in your family business, and you get a double benefit: helping the kids gain valuable experience and garnering tax breaks for your company.

Going Into Business With Your Spouse: How To Make It Work

Starting and running a business is rarely a safe or simple process, and doing so with one’s spouse creates an additional layer of complexity. Whether that complexity will have a positive or negative effect depends on several factors. Here are some of the questions you need to discuss before going into business with your spouse.

Tax Tip Tuesday! Transferring Your Business Takes Planning

As a business owner, you’re used to making tough decisions. Yet there’s one you may be putting off: How to transfer your business to new owners when you’re ready to move on.