5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Employee Feedback

  It is not complicated- successful small businesses breed a culture in which employees feel valued and comfortable speaking up. If they feel valued and comfortable voicing opinions, they are more likely to offer honest, useful and intelligent feedback. That being said, all feedback will not necessarily be positive feedback, though as with any customer complaint, all feedback can be …

How To Boost Positive Customer Feedback

There are many ways to encourage client feedback. Surprisingly, both positive and negative reviews can be beneficial to your firm. A recent study conducted by Econsultancy, found that 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores.

Take Steps To Build A Better Business

Business owners focus a lot of attention on building better products. When their products are hot, the company does well, despite other shortcomings. Certainly, new and better products are essential, but focusing on building a better business – one that readily adapts to change and quickly responds to crisis may be even more important.

Customer Centricity In Small Business

The current hot topic of debate in the world of small business is: does being customer centric play a role in success? Can great customer service alone do the job? Can being customer centric be detrimental?

The Best Way To Close A Sale

Closing a sale is the most critical part of the sales process for a small business. The more efficient and confident you become in your techniques, the more revenue you and your team can generate.

Expand Your Client Base

If you want to expand your client base, a good place to start is by asking yourself if your marketing is clear, sound and persuasive. Does your marketing convince skeptical clients that your service is the one for the job? If not, it may not be working to your advantage.

Measuring Client Satisfaction

Every disappointed client will share their experience with 10 others.

Time To Let Others Know How Good You Are

Advertising to your target market the products or services you sell is a great way to inform potential customers of what you have to offer. But every claim made in your advertisement is colored by the knowledge that you are promoting products for financial gain.