5 Website Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

“Your website is your opportunity to showcase the value of working with your business, as an employee or as a customer. It also allows for you to project your product offerings and messaging exactly as you wish them to be seen.” Eek, sounds important! It is important, and it’s worth the investment to build up a website that represents your …

Midyear Tax Planning Should Be A Business Priority

It’s midyear 2013 — time to take a serious look at your business tax planning. Here are some places to start.

Underestimating The Sales Cycle

The sales cycle, the process from initial client contact to final settlement of the account, has a deep impact on the success of your small business. Small businesses often underestimate the complex aspects of this cycle- the very cycle that converts your hard work into success.

Balance Sheet Analysis Leads To Better Business Decisions

A well-prepared balance sheet contains a wealth of information.

Are Credit Card Rewards Taxable?

Tax-wise, it’s okay to reward yourself by taking advantage of your credit card’s cash-back program. At present, the amount you receive or use to reduce your payment or balance is not taxable income to you.

Tax Tip Tuesday! Discuss The Finance Of Romance

June is traditionally a month for weddings, a time of thoughtful and emotional decisions about marriage — and money. Here are topics to consider as you and your intended discuss the finance of romance.

Take Steps To Build A Better Business

Business owners focus a lot of attention on building better products. When their products are hot, the company does well, despite other shortcomings. Certainly, new and better products are essential, but focusing on building a better business – one that readily adapts to change and quickly responds to crisis may be even more important.

What’s New: Prom Has Become A Financial Event

The spring teenage celebration known as “prom” is becoming a major financial event. According to a survey done by Visa, the amount families with teens are likely to spend on prom this year is $1,078. That’s an increase from last year’s average spending on prom of $807.

Don’t Let Emotions Drive Your Investment Decisions

Remember August 8, 2011? That’s the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 600 points after the first-ever Standard & Poor’s downgrade of U.S. debt. The Dow’s one-day drop was its biggest point loss in a single day since December 1, 2008, and the sixth biggest point drop in its history.