Avoiding Appointment Disappointment

Lemons into lemonade! Isn’t that what they say? In sales, this can seem almost impossible when the crushing disappointment of a meeting-gone-bad seems too heavy to handle. Going into appointments well equipped with a few tips can help avoid these negative outcomes. Take a few tips from some sales superstars: 1. You are never as prepared as you think. Always …

3 Tips to Improving “Your Work/Life” Balance

It sounds clear and actually quite simple – balancing work life and personal life should be something everyone is capable of doing, right? In reality, the work-life balance is an intense and personal process, one that each business owner must define in their own life. Even when considering the personal nature of the work-life balance, there are some general tips …

Should You Choose LLC Status For Your Business?

Are you thinking of making your new business a limited liability company?

Getting Your Head Into The Clouds

It can be a Catch-22 on whether economic, technological and management trends are good for small business or not. They certainly require an investment in time and money to keep abreast of the never-ending developments. However, to ignore them is to provide your competitors with the opportunity to grow their businesses at your expense.