Buying a Brand: Franchising

In the aftermath of global downsizing, many out of work or dissatisfied employees are considering franchising. But what do these folks know about running a successful business? In fact, the best candidates for franchising are proven, successful small business owners ready to expand or take on a new challenge. Firstly, there are two main kinds of franchising to consider – …

Watch For Hazards When Buying A Franchise

With a franchise, you don’t have to start a company from scratch. Whether the business sells fast food, automotive services, gourmet coffee, or dry cleaning, successful franchises are usually based on a proven business idea and a recognized brand name.

Current Year Estimated Income Tax Due – Second Installment

Date: 2011-06-15 – Corporate Income/Franchise: Second installment of current year estimated income tax due from calendar-year corporations (Form 1120-W) – Individual Income: Second installment of current year estimated tax by individuals, other than farmers or fisherman due (Form 1040-ES)