Why Auto Dealers Should Outsource Bank Reconciliations

By: Jim Rice, Managing Director of Supporting Strategies It was an expensive lesson for California auto dealer Danny McKenna. He found that two of his most trusted employees had systematically drained $600,000 from his five dealerships. The guilty parties “had been there a long time and had earned his immense trust,” McKenna told Automotive News. “Now I don’t dog-pile all …

Embezzlement: You Need To Know How it works and how to prevent it

It has been said that if fraud were a country, it would be the fifth most productive country in the world.

Identity Theft Is A Major Tax Scam

Have you gotten a tax bill you weren’t expecting based on income you never received? Has your return been rejected, or your refund delayed?

Protect Yourself From Timeshare Resale Fraud

In today’s somewhat stagnant economy, selling an unused timeshare (fractional ownership interest in a resort property) may be something you’re considering.

Be Cautious With E-mails If You Don’t Want Your Identity Stolen

The e-mail from your bank gets your attention right away. It says you need to log into your account in the next 48 hours to continue your online privileges. You wonder, is it legitimate?

Don’t Fall Victim To Bogus Prize Promotions

As a consumer, it’s a sure bet you’ve been the target of phone solicitations, mass mailings, and promotions inviting you to participate in big money sweepstakes. Studies show that a majority of American adults have entered a sweepstakes at one time or another, and over 90 percent of American adults have received at least one mailing informing them that they have won “free prizes.”

Identity Theft And You

Of all the things one can lose, your identity doesn’t sound as traumatic as being mugged for your wallet. The truth is that identity theft can be extremely expensive and inconvenient, and could impact not just yourself but your family and your firm.