Noncash Charitable Donations Have Special Rules

In the quiet months before the conventional season of festivities and gift exchanges begins, you might not be thinking about charitable contributions.

Plan For The Growth Of Your Business

Most businesses view growth as a sign of success. Yet uncontrolled expansion could jeopardize your company’s future.

Dependents Can Be A Complicated Tax Issue

Most taxpayers believe that a “dependent” is a minor child that lives with them. While that is essentially correct, dependents can include children and parents, other relatives and nonrelatives, and even children who don’t live with you. There is really much more to the dependent deduction than you might at first imagine. Exemptions and your taxable income. For 2013, each …

Watch Out For Moving Company Scams

Perhaps you’re a young adult trekking across the country to a new job, or a mid-career professional scanning the horizon for greater opportunities.