Beef Up Your Bottom Line

In the busy day-to-day operations of running a small business, actively working to boost profits can take a back seat to other management functions. Crunching numbers to make payroll, clear accounts and stay on top of the line is hard enough! But ignoring the importance of the bottom line is perilous to a small business. Commit to investing in beefing …

Recognizing an Opportunity

The saying “timing is everything” could not be more apt than when it comes to small business management. Timing and opportunity are often what segregate successful businesses from those that flounder. A true entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in this belief. “Stay active in the industry and up-to-date with the technology.” Opportunity does not come dressed in a pretty package with …

Effective Delegation

Delegating (giving someone authority to act and react to situations without referring back to you) is an important management tool. But many small business owners prefer to take on almost everything and find it difficult to divvy up tasks to staff members for fear of losing control.

The Cash Flow Tsunami — How to Recognize Early Warning Signs

A successful business is one that is well managed. Being adaptable and flexible before major fluctuations occur can greatly assist you in hard times.

Keys To Getting A Small Business Loan

Before a start-up company can begin producing revenue, it often needs an infusion of cash that exceeds owner contributions. Even long-established firms sometimes must borrow to purchase inventory, buy real estate, expand operations, meet payroll, or keep the lights on.