Monitoring Online Mentions

  You’ve just launched online – a major undertaking – a new website, revamped social media, updated, content-driven platforms in a shiny and gloriously expensive package. Now you have to invest in monitoring what’s being said about it all? Why, you ask? It takes time, effort and an elaborate strategy to build a solid company reputation but everything you’ve worked …

Ways to Use Google to Build Business

Want to find out what the biggest sea mammal is? Google it, they say. The notorious go-to for seekers of information, gleaned through the vast world of online information, Google is a household name. But how much do you know about their small business support systems? Recently Google hosted “Get Your Business Online Week” (just Google it), aimed at encouraging …

Keep it Simple! Marketing for Marketing Dummies

Marketing- again? Harping away at the concept is just not enough for some people. Change is big, scary and time consuming. What small business owner has the time or energy for that?

Social Networking – How To Boost Your Online Profile

There are countless books, seminars and even apps that are designed to combat the seemingly daunting tasks of online profiling. Creating an effective online presence has pushed well past fleeting trend status-it is now fast becoming a vital small-business strategy.

Tips To Build Your Brand

Strong, consistent, well-managed brands will produce higher market values and competitive advantages for the businesses that develop them. Each time a client interacts with your brand, the experience they have plays a part in defining who you are as a company.

Tax Tip Tuesday! Income Tax Rules Affect Your Web Business

Did you start an online business in 2011? If so, you might have income and expenses that affect your federal income tax return.

New Storefront Is Search

One of the first things a retail firm considers is its front window display. It is the visual hook that will entice potential clients to walk into the shop, browse through stock on the shelves and make a purchase.