Are Employee Recognition Programs Bad for Your Business?

  So, this may sound like a contradiction, as we have in the past touted the importance of these types of programs, and we are not taking that advice back. But it is important to examine both sides of the story, and to be aware of the dangerous pitfalls that come with initiating employee rewards. In a nutshell, the concern …

Raising Your Prices

It’s an agonizing dilemma. The decision to raise prices and still retain clients is one that every small business owner struggles with. Truthfully, in order to stay relevant, boost revenue and keep profit margins up, raising prices is an absolute must. Employ meticulous strategic planning when the time comes to bump price points. With simple guidelines, some of the painstaking …

Give your Business a Financial Facelift

  “Boiled down to the essentials, financial (or fiscal) planning is about two things – accumulating wealth and protecting it”. Don’t feel like these two simple things are happening? Then it is probably time to consider a financial facelift. Like its surgical equivalent, a financial facelift entails a quick nip and tuck procedure. The end result is a more streamlined, …

Make The Right Pricing Decision

In business, making pricing decisions is always tough — and even more so when the economy is slow and sales are slipping. It’s tempting to cut prices hoping to generate higher sales volume. But sometimes that just produces lower margins on a low volume. What do you do if you’re being squeezed by cost increases?

How To Value Your Business Inventory

Having an accurate picture of your company’s inventory costs is often essential for determining profitability. If you don’t know how much your inventory is worth, you can’t determine the cost of goods sold and your company’s net profit.

Smoothing Out Cash Flow Could Save Your Business

A sad and oft-repeated truth is that half of all new businesses fail within the first five years. In fact, all too many fail in their first decade.

Financial Ratio Analysis – Going Beyond the Financial Statements

According to SCORE, 82% of businesses that fail do so because managers have a poor understanding of cash flow. Find out more about our newest way to help our clients succeed, Financial Ratio Analysis.