Secrets to Success – The Five P’s

  A lot of businesses position their marketing around what is known as the “Four P’s”: product, price, positioning and promotion. While sound advice, this strategy is missing a fifth, and vital, element: people! Without a direct focus on all FIVE of these areas, any business, even with a foolproof idea, can struggle. Let’s simplify this strategy, starting with the …

Social Networking – How To Boost Your Online Profile

There are countless books, seminars and even apps that are designed to combat the seemingly daunting tasks of online profiling. Creating an effective online presence has pushed well past fleeting trend status-it is now fast becoming a vital small-business strategy.

Don’t Fall Victim To Bogus Prize Promotions

As a consumer, it’s a sure bet you’ve been the target of phone solicitations, mass mailings, and promotions inviting you to participate in big money sweepstakes. Studies show that a majority of American adults have entered a sweepstakes at one time or another, and over 90 percent of American adults have received at least one mailing informing them that they have won “free prizes.”

Are You On Top Of Your Competitors?

Here’s a list of questions that every business manager should be able to answer with an unqualified ‘yes’. They relate largely to the fundamental need of identifying and understanding your competition.