Avoiding Appointment Disappointment

Lemons into lemonade! Isn’t that what they say? In sales, this can seem almost impossible when the crushing disappointment of a meeting-gone-bad seems too heavy to handle. Going into appointments well equipped with a few tips can help avoid these negative outcomes. Take a few tips from some sales superstars: 1. You are never as prepared as you think. Always …

The Guide to Selling Online

Website built? Check. Social Media campaigns launched? Check. Marketing online? Check. So now what? Perhaps it’s time to take the next step, and begin selling online! Step 1: Be prepared. You need to select ecommerce software or a service to run your site. When considering your options, ask yourself, do you have the technical know-how to manage on your own? …

How to Build Your Personal Brand

Building a business brand is necessary as you develop and grow your business, but have you considered your own personal brand? It is a must in the digital world, making it imperative to ask these questions: What are you associated with? What do you stand for? What do you represent? With the answers to these questions you can build your …

Extending Your Reach: eMarketing

eMarketing should form an integral part of almost any companys’ marketing strategy. It’s very useful for start-up or small businesses because it can be relatively inexpensive.

How To Negotiate Like A Pro

For some people, negotiating comes as second nature. The rest of us need to carefully study and learn negotiation strategies to be sure we don’t end up on the losing end of business deals.

Take Steps To Build A Better Business

Business owners focus a lot of attention on building better products. When their products are hot, the company does well, despite other shortcomings. Certainly, new and better products are essential, but focusing on building a better business – one that readily adapts to change and quickly responds to crisis may be even more important.

Buying Desktops For Your Business

When making the decision to equip your office with the right tools, desktop computers are at the top of the list. There is one rule to remember: resist the urge to buy cheap.