Diversify Investments By Putting A Focus On Taxes

Savvy investors often spread their risks by investing in a variety of asset classes such as stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate. But with a changing tax landscape, investors might consider three more classes: taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free.

Tax Tip Tuesday! Add To Your Retirement Plan Vocabulary

The definition of retirement may be in flux, but the vocabulary describing your retirement plans remains the same. Here are three common terms.

Tax Tip: Does Your IRA Have Unrelated Business Taxable Income?

When you think of taxes and IRAs, early withdrawals and required minimum distributions probably come to mind. But another tax can apply: the unrelated business income tax.

It’s Not Too Late To Convert To A Roth IRA

If you procrastinated on converting your regular IRA to a Roth last year, you can still do so in 2011. Although converting your IRA generates taxable income in the year of the transfer, later withdrawals of contributions and income from the Roth are tax-free.

New Business Law Includes Major Tax Breaks

It’s just in time for year-end tax planning: the Small Business Jobs Act, a new law that extends some federal tax breaks and enhances others.

Follow IRA Withdrawal Rules

“You put your money in, and you take your money out.” Unfortunately, the rules for taking withdrawals from your IRA are not as simple as those for performing the classic children’s dance.