Back to Basics: How to Get Your SEO Right

    The business gurus have spoken: 2016 will be the year marketing strategies go back to basics. The trend will sweep across industries and will encourage business, both big and small, to revamp their plans: cultivating, simplifying, and strengthening. Back to basics may mean simple, but it is more complex than meets the eye, that is, if you missed …

Cracking the Code – How SEO Can Boost Your Business

With the global understanding that web-presence is no longer optional, small businesses everywhere are left to, once again, compete with the big boys and tackle the immense task of boosting search engine rankings. Despite what feels like monumental efforts, are you still falling short of that number 1 Google ranking? We can help… As many experts point out, this saturation …

Driving Traffic To Your Website

Committing to an effective website is a vital marketing strategy, however once the site has launched the battle has only just begun.

A Website That Works

Small business owners often find themselves discouraged with their websites and their inability to attract a large amount of clientele. There are two main things to remember when creating your website: to attract and engage. Without both of these features working for you, your site will not be working to your advantage.

The Extra Edge On SEO For The Small Business Website

How is your small business site or product going to be found when the indexed web contains almost 15 billion pages, according to Here are a few insider tidbits on SEO (search engine optimization) for your small business website.

Finding Acres of Diamonds by Marketing in Your Own Backyard

“Acres of Diamonds” is an old story of an African farmer who sold his farm and wandered the countryside searching for diamonds. It later turned out that the land that he sold was full of diamonds and eventually became the site of a large mine.