7 Bookkeeping Resolutions for New Year

  Resolutions again? Yep! It’s that time of year; time to revamp, revise and revitalize your business processes to set yourself up for success in 2016. Bookkeeping to a small business owner likely incites little to no passion and chances are you would rather spend your time doing a million other things. Not an option! Make small changes to your …

Getting Your Head Into The Clouds

It can be a Catch-22 on whether economic, technological and management trends are good for small business or not. They certainly require an investment in time and money to keep abreast of the never-ending developments. However, to ignore them is to provide your competitors with the opportunity to grow their businesses at your expense.

Managing Your Sales Leads

The measure of the successful pursuit of a lead is based on whether the lead, in time, turns into a sale. The key to this transition lies in both speed and perseverance. A systematic organization and management of these leads can also help secure their progress through the stages of prospect to hot lead to profitable sale.

Roaming Without Ruination- Skype

Running a successful business means learning how to do things better, faster and cheaper than the competition. Today, that sort of dedication requires consistency, whenever and wherever you are.

Better Ways To Back Up

It seems like backing up should be an obvious daily activity in this technology-dependent world of business where one spilled latte can destroy months of data. With such a simple slip up constantly on the horizon, backing up your data should be the last thing you do each day to ensure that whatever happens, you will not be backtracking and re-doing work.