Ways to Use Google to Build Business

Want to find out what the biggest sea mammal is? Google it, they say. The notorious go-to for seekers of information, gleaned through the vast world of online information, Google is a household name. But how much do you know about their small business support systems? Recently Google hosted “Get Your Business Online Week” (just Google it), aimed at encouraging …

Secrets to Success – The Five P’s

  A lot of businesses position their marketing around what is known as the “Four P’s”: product, price, positioning and promotion. While sound advice, this strategy is missing a fifth, and vital, element: people! Without a direct focus on all FIVE of these areas, any business, even with a foolproof idea, can struggle. Let’s simplify this strategy, starting with the …

Leading By Example – How To Be A Better Leader

Everywhere we look; it appears that the most conventional ideas of a leader are shifting. In small businesses we are now seeing a very different model of leadership flourish.

Watch For Hazards When Buying A Franchise

With a franchise, you don’t have to start a company from scratch. Whether the business sells fast food, automotive services, gourmet coffee, or dry cleaning, successful franchises are usually based on a proven business idea and a recognized brand name.

Heed The Rules For Deducting Charitable Contributions

Sticking to the rules when making charitable contributions can save tax dollars.

Here are three tips.