Noncash Charitable Donations Have Special Rules

In the quiet months before the conventional season of festivities and gift exchanges begins, you might not be thinking about charitable contributions.

Dependents Can Be A Complicated Tax Issue

Most taxpayers believe that a “dependent” is a minor child that lives with them. While that is essentially correct, dependents can include children and parents, other relatives and nonrelatives, and even children who don’t live with you. There is really much more to the dependent deduction than you might at first imagine. Exemptions and your taxable income. For 2013, each …

Look Into Energy Credits

The IRS reminds taxpayers that certain energy credits are still available.

Midyear Tax Planning Should Be A Business Priority

It’s midyear 2013 — time to take a serious look at your business tax planning. Here are some places to start.

Work-Related Education Expenses Can Be Deductible

Are you going to school this fall to earn an advanced degree or to brush up on your work skills?

Blog Your Business to Success

  Starting a blog, whatever the reason – to boost sales, connect with customers or enter into a new market niche – can be an invaluable asset to a small business owner. We have talked relentlessly about the importance of mobile marketing and the acceptance that websites and a presence on the Internet are no longer optional strategies. The business …

Use Adjusted Tax Numbers In Your 2013 Planning

Each year the IRS adjusts certain tax numbers for inflation and tax law changes. Here are some of the adjusted numbers you’ll need for your 2013 tax planning.