IRS Issues Rules On Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages

Married same-sex couples will be treated for federal tax purposes just like opposite-sex couples, according to a recent IRS announcement. Same-sex couples who were married in a jurisdiction, domestic or foreign, that recognized their marriage as legal will be treated as married for federal tax purposes even if they live in a state that does not recognize same-sex marriages as …

Give your Business a Financial Facelift

  “Boiled down to the essentials, financial (or fiscal) planning is about two things – accumulating wealth and protecting it”. Don’t feel like these two simple things are happening? Then it is probably time to consider a financial facelift. Like its surgical equivalent, a financial facelift entails a quick nip and tuck procedure. The end result is a more streamlined, …

Noncash Charitable Donations Have Special Rules

In the quiet months before the conventional season of festivities and gift exchanges begins, you might not be thinking about charitable contributions.

Dependents Can Be A Complicated Tax Issue

Most taxpayers believe that a “dependent” is a minor child that lives with them. While that is essentially correct, dependents can include children and parents, other relatives and nonrelatives, and even children who don’t live with you. There is really much more to the dependent deduction than you might at first imagine. Exemptions and your taxable income. For 2013, each …

IRS Publishes Ten Facts On Amending A Tax Return

If you discover an error or omission on a tax return you’ve already filed, you can fix the mistake by filing an amended tax return.

Crowdfunding: A New Source Of Business Financing

If you are trying to finance a new business venture, you might want to check into an online option known as “crowdfunding.”