Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Be Afraid of the Cloud

  Progress and change are inevitable, and when it comes to small businesses and the dreaded cloud, the time for change has arrived! Experts are now saying that past 2015, those who still fear the cloud are falling swiftly behind the times and will consequently start the slippery slope towards insignificance. Ouch, experts! Some of us are still wary (for …

Using Technology to Build a Great Loyalty Scheme

The key to loyalty is using digital technology to burrow into customers’ histories to ‘Surprise and Delight’ them” Hmm, are we encouraging stalking, you ask? YES! Stalk away! The more you know about your client, prospect, or audience, the more you can tailor your message, product or service to suit their needs. Isn’t that what these sales are about? Identifying …

Beef Up Your Bottom Line

In the busy day-to-day operations of running a small business, actively working to boost profits can take a back seat to other management functions. Crunching numbers to make payroll, clear accounts and stay on top of the line is hard enough! But ignoring the importance of the bottom line is perilous to a small business. Commit to investing in beefing …

Get Equipped – Technology Tips!

Competing within an increasingly inundated market means that small business owners are constantly on the hunt for tools that give them a leg up. When utilized with savvy, technology can be that crutch. Taking advantage of all that technology can offer will require some concentrated attention, especially for those self-proclaimed tech-challenged individuals. But with a little insider information and a …

Nine Tips For Better Tax Recordkeeping

Did pulling your records together to complete your 2011 tax return reveal shortcomings in your system? Here are nine tips that can improve your recordkeeping and help minimize your taxes.

How To Go Green, Small Business Style

Irrespective of your thoughts on green issues there can be some real benefits of incorporating a green theme into your business culture. Although there is little evidence that, in general, green-focused businesses are chosen on that differentiator alone, it can prove to be the tipping point when competitors are fairly even in other areas.

Work Habits That Will Help You Succeed

Developing a successful business has as much to do with the way we approach things as anything else. So it’s always useful to heed the work habits of successful business owners. Here are some of the good work habits that they have shared with us.

Better Ways To Back Up

It seems like backing up should be an obvious daily activity in this technology-dependent world of business where one spilled latte can destroy months of data. With such a simple slip up constantly on the horizon, backing up your data should be the last thing you do each day to ensure that whatever happens, you will not be backtracking and re-doing work.

IT Security As A Competitive Advantage

In 1991 Charles Cresson Wood wrote an article entitled ‘Using Information Security to Achieve Competitive Advantages’. He would later become the recipient of the Computer Security Institutes Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2004, at its worldwide partner conference, Microsoft pitched security as a competitive advantage. Now seven years later, how has information technology security affected firms and has it indeed proved …