5 Things That Keep Business Owners Up At Night

    Sleepless nights are no stranger to the small business owner. There are some common issues that keep business owners up at night and we hope to provide some simple solutions to help put those issues to bed, so you can rest easy! 1. Overwhelming Workload Lying down to rest can often be tough, especially when your brain is …

Bank Shopping for a Small Business

Where and how a small business owner chooses to manage their money can play an important part in the overall success of the company. So often, entrepreneurs disregard the importance of shopping around for the right bank for the business and end up paying for it in the long run. Understanding what services your business requires is part of Small …

Employer Health Insurance Mandate Delayed For One Year

The health care reform law passed in 2010 included a provision that would require employers of 50 or more full-time employees to provide affordable health insurance to their workers or face steep penalties.

Watch Out For Moving Company Scams

Perhaps you’re a young adult trekking across the country to a new job, or a mid-career professional scanning the horizon for greater opportunities.

Keep it Simple! Marketing for Marketing Dummies

Marketing- again? Harping away at the concept is just not enough for some people. Change is big, scary and time consuming. What small business owner has the time or energy for that?

Identity Theft Happens On College Campuses

If you’re a young college student and believe identity theft is something only older folks need worry about, think again!

Professionalizing the Family Business

  Statistics show that approximately 35% of Fortune 500 companies are family-controlled. At some point, these were all small start-up enterprises who kept it in the family while getting things off the ground. But at some point those mom-and-pop ventures must take on a more professional face, presenting themselves as competition for the big guys. This can be a tough …

Dealing with Client Complaints

The harsh truth about client behavior is that when dissatisfied, they are more likely to simply take their business elsewhere than make a formal complaint.