Keep it Simple! Marketing for Marketing Dummies

Marketing- again? Harping away at the concept is just not enough for some people. Change is big, scary and time consuming. What small business owner has the time or energy for that?

Watch For Hazards When Buying A Franchise

With a franchise, you don’t have to start a company from scratch. Whether the business sells fast food, automotive services, gourmet coffee, or dry cleaning, successful franchises are usually based on a proven business idea and a recognized brand name.

Take Steps To Build A Better Business

Business owners focus a lot of attention on building better products. When their products are hot, the company does well, despite other shortcomings. Certainly, new and better products are essential, but focusing on building a better business – one that readily adapts to change and quickly responds to crisis may be even more important.

Reducing Marketing Costs While Gaining Exposure

For many business owners it can be a difficult exercise to identify the most effective marketing strategies that gains exposure while minimizing the required investment.

Seminar: Get Going with QuickBooks 2011 – Beginner

Date: 2011-08-18 Time: 10:30 AM – 03:00 PM Location: Brockport, NY Computer lab setting, training manual with practice files and post-class business diagnostic Cost: $127 Pre-Registration is required as space is limited: 877-223-5740 After completing this course, you will be able to: * Set up a company * Work with lists * Setting up inventory * Sell your product * …

Pay Offs Of Training Staff

Training your team members appropriately and frequently is indeed an investment – and one with a powerful return. When your team members are nurtured with the necessary staples they will make better decisions, their relationships will improve and their opinions will show deeper insight.