2012 W-4s are due to Employers

Title: 2012 W-4s are due to Employers Description: Last day for employees to file Form W-4 to continue exemption from withholding in current year. Employers should begin withholding on wages of any employee who claimed an exemption from withholding in prior year but failed to submit a current year exempt Date: 2012-02-15

Tax Tip Tuesday! Some Income Isn’t Subject To Payroll Taxes

You’ve probably heard that the IRS has undertaken a new initiative to make sure workers are properly classified as either independent contractors or employees. At issue is the collection of payroll taxes, including FICA taxes (social security and Medicare), which are generally required to be withheld from wages by law.

Check Your Withholding and Estimated Tax Payments For 2011

If you expect a large tax refund this year, or if you’ve already received one, chances are you’re happy. But why give the government an interest-free loan?