The Secrets to Creating a Great Slogan/Tagline

Secrets to Great Slogan


The slogan or tagline of your business can be viewed as the frontlines of the marketing battle—it’s the first introduction, possibly the strongest factor in whether a consumer proceeds to find out more about your business.

Strapped with such an influential task, your slogan must be more than good, it must be great!

Sounds like a challenge? It can be, but breaking it down can simplify the process and assist in the creation of something personalized and powerful.

These days, it is common for companies, even the smallest businesses, to have a logo. This is your starting point. Your slogan must match and similarity reflect the logo and what it represents.

What was the purpose of your logo? What was your message? Who was it aimed towards? How does it reach and appeal to that audience? These are all great questions to start with. Answering them will allow you apply theseconcepts to your slogan development.

Logo + Slogan = Brand Identity. Brand Identity = the foundation of your marketing plan. Important stuff!

Relax—the pressure of a perfect slogan can affect the overall outcome- think writer’s block! The best slogans, however, aren’t meant to last forever. Removing the thought of “this is IT” will free you up to observe your mission, values and culture as it is NOW and reflect that in your slogan.

The most successful slogans are the ones that don’t overstay their welcome.

Brainstorm loads of ideas, the good the bad and the ugly, and write them all down.

Share them with team members, family, friends, and gather opinions. Consider creating a committee in-house and a focus group of your loyal customers to offer feedback.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your slogan won’t be either. You need to work the process of elimination and never expect to fall face first into the best option. Feedback is imperative.

Never have a slogan that is more than one sentence long. This is not an exception- this is statistically proven to be ineffective. The inherent goal of a slogan is to QUICKLY and effectively capture the audience’s attention. Keep it simple, stupid!

Avoid hyperbole and grand claims- honesty is the best policy when it comes to drawing in clientele. Essentially, a beefed up slogan writes checks your business can’t necessarily cash! Don’t overpromise from the get go- disappointment weighs heavy on consumers, and will weigh heavy on your brand reputation.

As always, it is true- humor really is the best way to attract. But be tasteful, tactful and respectful if you go this route. Sense of humor is highly personal and a slippery slope to endeavor.

Consider hiring a slogan writer to go this route- we all think we are funnier than we are!