The Top Business Trends in 2017 that Spells Success



Whether or not the end of the calendar year reflects the close of your fiscal year, December is still a great time to take a look at the past year, and prepare yourself for the year to come.

Looking into the future trends to give you a leg up moving into January. Be prepared to discuss the trends, how they may affect your business, and be open to discussion with your team members on the best path to moving forward in the upcoming year.
Here are a few hints towards what is to come in 2017!

  1. Mobile marketing to become central, no longer a suggested method. Remember that time we delicately pushed you into the world of web-centric marketing methods? Well mobile is having its year in 2017. Buy buttons, mobile apps and mobile-only social media sites will take the forefront next year, so start preparing for the shift or risk falling behind and losing customers.
  2. “Permission Marketing” will take the place of banner ads, pop-ups and the need to barrage your customers with uninvited digital marketing ploys. The phrase was coined by Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur and marketing guru, often found speaking at TED talks around the world. It’s just what it sounds like- marketing developed around the idea of a user designating permission. It’s targeted, its niche and its perfect for small business use.
  3. Not just the embracing of, but the incorporation and celebration of the millennial in the work place. As baby boomers begin the process of retirement, our work forces will be saturated by the younger crowd, and their ideas and instincts are key to the fluid transition between ‘old’ and ‘new’. Take a crash course in diverse work place considerations and be prepared for the uptick of the tech-savvy generation.
  4. Due to the above-mentioned surge of retirees that will highlight 2017, we can expect to see many businesses up for sale. As a small business owner, you may wonder how this will directly affect you. If you do your research you may be able to swoop up some competitors ready to leave their legacy in the hands of someone capable, buy into pieces of companies sectioning off for quick sale, or at least be in the know on the changes in your own industry.
  5. Holistic approaches to business management. These methods have been on the steady rise, but they are poised for a quiet transition to power in 2017. As your workplace dynamics change, you will need to be equipped for the utilization of many of these holistic, work-life-balance suggestions to keep your team happy. Get trained in management of remote workers, consult with a health and wellness advisor to ensure your work place is encouraging healthy habits, and be the center of the “love where you work” movement at your business. Competition will begin to ramp up as employers compete for employees by engaging these holistic methods.

    Remember that a time of transition is both exciting and scary. Be prepared and educated and these on-the-rise trends of 2017 will feel natural, well supported and seamless!