What makes an effective team?

Team in a box


It’s possible that at one point in time, your business was a one-person show. Though growth and expansion inevitably leads to the building a team, the team that becomes the lifeblood of your humbly built operation.

An effective team is like an orchestra- many different instruments, many different players, one piece of music. The success of the song depends on every single variable, and every person playing in perfect unison.

So what exactly makes an effective team (or a great orchestra)?

  1. First, foremost, and above all else, an effective team knows how to communicate. Does this mean there is never conflict? No. Does this mean everything is smooth sailing all the time? Of course not. Its about how you make it through the tough parts of the song- hard work, and practice.
  2. At the forefront, stands the leader, or the conductor. The responsibility here is to keep everyone on track, at the same pace, with eyes and ears canvassing a cacophony of action at all times.  An effective team must have a dedicated, patient leader.
  3. Just like an orchestra all has the same sheet music, your team must all have the same goals. You must provide the framework, give them a path to follow and be there for when changes are necessary. But every time something shifts, make sure you let the whole team know.
  4. In an orchestra, when one player is out of tune, it can throw off the entire production. If one person slacks, others must make up for them by doubling their efforts, which is exhausting and demoralizing. Your team must have commitment, dedication and a camaraderie that keeps them playing in unison and support each other.
  5. Lastly, we mention one of the most importantly shared characteristics between a small business team and an orchestra: passion. In business, the passion starts with the leader, building in a crescendo as things take off and teams grow.

Each person on your team must be equipped with the passion for success, and driven to accomplish the same goals. Passion is what drives musicians to play until their fingers bleed, to practice until perfect, to push further every time they pick up their instrument. Your team should reflect this same passionate attitude.